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[b][center]Welcome and stuff[/center][/b]

[b]How to get to know me:[/b] -General Interests: Reading | Anime | Managa | Marvel | Tech -Area of Expertise: Coding | Games | Drawing

I always love meeting new people and striking up a conversation so feel free to message me whenever. I am open to random friend requests, although I would prefer it if I have gotten to know you personally beforehand.

You can also find me at [url=]kitsu[/url] and [url=]anilist[/url].

[b]Favorite quote:[/b] “I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body and fire is my blood I have created over a thousand blades Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life Have withstood pain to create many weapons Yet, those hands will never hold anything So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works.”

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Jan 2019


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