Favorite Setting for Completed Anime

I was going through my anime list. liking some of my favorite anime characters and thought “Why not a favorite option for top 3 anime?”, and here we are now! Anyways, I just thought it’d be a nice little feature that could add a bit more flexibility to notify.moe


I’ve been debating this over and over in my head whether I want to add such functionality or not.

The main argument against is basically that your “favourite” anime should be your top rated anime and therefore automatically appear as the first items in your profile page.

However, aside from the informational aspect, the design aspect is also important. The “favorite” anime can be displayed in a different way somewhere and therefore be nice to look at.

So there are two sides of the coin. I’m 70 : 30 towards implementing it. Added it to the todo list for now.


My favorite anime isn’t always my top rated, Phantom World is one of my favorites but I didn’t rate it above 9.0, while there are an anime with 9.0+ rating but it isn’t one of my favorites, so I think you should let the user to customize it theirselves, ie. a love button in an anime’s page like Kitsu/AniList.

Like what you guys did with liked characters, I think favorites can have a separate tab on the user’s profile or just merge the two (I said this in the GitHub thread probably) and rename the tab to ♥ Favorites, while the two are in separate sections (like the Forum tab on users’ page, with a “Post” and “Thread” subtab below it).

To make it pretty looking, it can be implemented the same way as with ♥ Characters, but with anime (covers).