Great website, here's some more suggestion

Hello! I’m a new user here, I just explored this website. This site’s design is really great, I love how fast it loads! I find some things that I think need to be better tho, IMO.

  1. Not enough emphasis on rating. When I browse through on the “Explore” page, I noticed that the ratings are not displayed on the cover art when I hovered on them. Maybe having the overall rating visible there will be nice to see. And on the anime page as well, with the ratings maybe placed on a more visible section than in the same section with the “Information and Popularity”, at least the overall rating.

  2. Adding an anime to my collection in the “Explore” page should give a box to edit whether I want it to be on my “Complete,” “Dropped”, “Watching”, “On Hold” and “Planned” list instead of forcing it to be on my Planned list only without letting me to change it. Its a hassle because say, if I had added 100 anime from the Explore page that I want to be in my “Dropped” list instead of my “Planned” list, I need to open my collection and reedit all of them one by one. This would be nicer if it let us customize how much episodes I’ve watched and rate on it too, like what another website does.

  3. Instead of needing to click an entry to see its notes on a collection and detailed ratings (story, visuals and soundtrack), how about a dropdown box? Like what an another website did before they updated, if I clicked on an anime on someone else’s library, it will give me their notes on a box below the entry, with all the other entries in their collection still remaining. Maybe place the detailed ratings beside it, because say, if I’m viewing another person’s library on this site and I want to see their notes, I’ll need to click on the entry. If I want to go back to their collection, I need to click the “View collection” tab again. It just feels weird. And an icon that is placed somewhere beside the entry to go into the anime’s page itself too is good.

  4. More rating system I personally dislike rating an anime with the usual 1-10 scale, I like the 1-5 rating scale better. Maybe implement the 1-5 rating scale with the overall and detailed ratings since probably other people quite like it too?

  5. Viewing every year, every type and every status in the Explore page ionstead of choosing only one year, one type and one status. The title is self-explanatory. Viewing anime by seasons will be great too. And sorting them by popularity or rating.

  6. Names of the poster actually visible in the forum instead of needing to hover on them and wait for the tooltip to come out. Maybe have all the names in the left side of their profile picture, since hovering on them is just tiring. Or do what do you guys do with characters (hovering a character in an anime page will make their name appear on the photo).

  7. Anime thumbnails in character pages are too small, I think. And waiting for the tooltip to reveal the anime’s name is tiresome too. Maybe make it bigger and add what do you guys do with characters that I said above?

That’s all, I think. Otherwise, this website is pretty amazing! Add a manga database and a nicer-looking Ui on episode pages ( with episode synopsis along with the videos embedded there, and this website is basically perfect!


Those are some cool suggestions right there. I like all of them.


Read your suggestions!

There are about 60 outstanding issues in the ToDo list.

I’ll give my standard reply, as with any suggestion:

If you would like to make this website more awesome, please support us and we’ll be able to implement much more feature requests.

I can’t work on this website without food on the table, and food costs money. A monthly cost of about 2-3 USD is very cheap and affordable for anyone.

Thanks for the detailed suggestions.


Holy shit, thats a fast response. Sad that I don’t have a PayPal yet, even though I want to support you guys.

Based on the To-do list, I personally like the recommendation, visual classification, adding “add anime” button in calendar, messaging other users, achievements, bipolar rating system and grid view. I also love the “liking characters” one, might want to add “liking anime” and “liking companies” as well? I also forgot to suggest reviews, since hey, reviews are cool.


Oh yeah, I just noticed this, but the red notification badge won’t be gone if I don’t mark all as read or click everyone of them. I kinda dislike that.