Spring 2018 Anime Discussion

Let's talk about everything airing in Spring 2018 here! What do you think about this season so far?


I personally like some shows like Mahou Shoujo Site, Mahou Shoujo Ore and Uma Musume. Almost all the others, when I think its not worth investing my time to it, I still think its good.


I am LOVING Mahou Shoujo Ore and I started Golden Kamuy - watching the second episode of that tonight. It's fascinating!

I also am getting into Boku no Hero Academia just so that I can watch the third season :) I'm up to episode 10 or so in the first season. WHAT A GREAT SHOW.

Have you watched Uma Musume Pretty Derby? I hear it's actually pretty good.


@Briebird I loved Mahou Shoujo Ore too! I can't get into Golden Kamuy tho. Uma Musume Pretty Derby is quite good, at least I feel its worth my time.