[2018-11-01] Update

  • Added activity page which shows recent activities (currently comments only)
  • Added comments to anime
  • Added comments to characters
  • Added comments to soundtracks
  • Added comments to quotes
  • Added comments to AMVs
  • Improved design for user profiles
  • User tagline has been replaced by an introduction text (Markdown enabled)
  • Updated the frontpage video to a scene from Violet Evergarden (© Kyoto Animation)
  • Character information has been updated (should be higher quality than before)
  • Characters now have spoilers blurred out (you need to hover over them with your mouse)
  • Characters now show a ranking number (including the top percentile in the tooltip)
  • Moved the calendar from the sidebar to the explore page
  • Final Fantasy XIV accounts can now be added to your profile (see ranking)
  • Game ranking lists now show the top 10 only
  • AMVs now show detailed information about the video file at the bottom
  • Enforced minimum dimensions for avatar images (560x560 recommended, 280x280 minimum)
  • Enforced minimum dimensions for cover images (1920x450 recommended, 960x225 minimum)
  • Reduced animation time from 300 ms to 150 ms (makes page swaps faster)
  • Desktop app will now apply a minimum window size on first load
  • Editing: Allowed editors to fix broken soundtracks
  • Statistics: Added user title language statistics