6 features you might like.

Hello, I am here again. While using this website I’ve got some ideas.

1st feature: Option to see a list of all anime of all time. Sorting them by popularity,alphabet,latest,best score. Filtering them by Completed,ongoing and haven’t aired yet.

2nd feature: When you go to AMVs or Soundtracks category you cannot see name of anime without clicking on amv/soundtrack name. you always just see: [AMV/Soundtrack name] posted [Time] by [Username]. My idea is to put a name of anime for example above this text with little bit larger font and when you click on the anime name you will be redirected to a page of this anime.

3rd feature: While writing text I really miss a buttons to make a text bold, italic, emphasized, marked, deleted, elemented etc. Also nice features would be button to add a picture into a text or button with emojis.

4th feature: Option to put on your own profile a flag of your nationality with its shortcut like US,RU,GB,IT and so on.

These last two might be kinda difficult but cool…

5th feature: This could be a good feature for Supporters. An option to make your own signature that could be even used on other forums. you would have some basic designs but you could change a background. This signature would show count of anime in your animelist, count of seen anime and count of anime you are currently watching. Some sites already have/had this feature. Here is my signature from other Czech website: https://akihabara.cz/data_uzivatele/20/20351/20351-sign.png

P.S even though it’s a picture it is updating its data once per day.

6th feature: I know there is a following feature but it would be nice to have a option to send a friend request and if he accepts you could be friends. When something like this happens it would be cool if you could have a private chat. Also to have a menu with a friends and to be able to see which are online and which are not.

I don’t want to turn this website to a social one but those features could make this website more popular.

I don’t expect you will like all of my ideas but I hope I am atleast a little bit useful. I want to help becouse I see a big potentional in this project.

  1. @Akyoto said that he will implement a toolbox to make those features happen, wait for it I guess
  2. I don’t think that would do the UI good. Maybe if we hover the anime’s thumbnail the anime’s name would appear as a tooltip it’ll be cool.
  3. Use Markdown to style text and add pictures. Emojis would be cool tho.
  4. That’ll be real cool! I second this.
  5. I second this too.
  6. I also second this.

Thats a lot of great suggestions! Hope Akyoto see this thread and do almost all of these features justice.


@Yoshioka I am glad to hear this :). I can’t help you financionaly at his moment so I will try to give you atleast some good suggestions . I’ll give you more suggestions when I’ll get some good ideas again. :)