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Anime Notifier - Developers

Anime Notifier - Developers

Open group for developers and contributors

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Reminder that everything you see on this site is 100% open source.

If you’re a developer and you want to fix a bug or improve something, you have the power to do that by yourself. Don’t wait for me to fix it because my time is limited and I can’t work on everything at once. Take matters into your own hands.

If Go is new to you, learn it via It took me a week to get the hang of it.

This website is a community effort and with the right technical knowledge, anyone can help.


Just writing down some stuff that needs to be fixed in the near future:

  • Tooltips are currently bound to the element leading to clipping issues
  • When you’re on the notification page and a notification arrives, you can’t click on the icon
  • The media info for the next radio track could be sent in 1 response instead of 2
  • Explore buttons are not visible on mobile
  • Post actions overlap with the actual post text when the last line is long
  • Post date hover overlaps with the profile column