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Beginner lesson: “A is B.”

To say this in Japanese you use 「A は B です」. In Romaji, this becomes “A ha B desu”. However, because “ha” is used as a grammatical construct (particle), it is actually pronounced “wa”.

A is B.

A wa B desu.


The sky is beautiful.


Sora wa kirei desu.


こおり (koori) - ice


みず (mizu) - water and when it’s used as a radical:

it’s funny how we could interpret ice as a combination of water 2 times x)


そら (sora) - sky


りゅう (ryuu) - dragon


Hey! What resources do you use to learn Japanese? Personally, I train on my phone with the first 5 applications visible in this folder:



The best books for beginners are Genki I and Genki II, no question.

Phone apps:

  • Google Translate
  • Kanji Study
  • Tango Risto

If you can read hiragana/katakana fluently, feel free to try my Konna Kanji app as a Kanji reading quiz/practice tool that I made some time ago. JLPT N5 is your starting point.


In my case, use Japanese article app, the name is 1-min Japanese.

Update 1 article for a day, and offer translation for Korean(my native language).