Isuzu Sento

Isuzu Sento

Isuzu Sento is the main female protagonist of Amagi Brilliant Park series who has a stoic personality. She is very quick to point her magical muzzleloader into your face which is demonstrated in the first episode as she did with Seiya. She is usually expressionless, rarely shows emotions and so her voice is monotone. She comes across as cold and blunt occasionally. Despite that facade, she is also very sensitive. Her name originates from 50 Cent.

Isuzu Sento is from a magic land called Mapleland. She is a royal guard who carries a magical muzzleloader named Steinberger and forces Seiya to go on a "date" with her to Amagi Brilliant Park. Her muzzleloader has been magically infused into her body, so she can summon it from any exposed skin.

Isuzu transferred during the third high school semester and she brushed away the flood of men approaching her.


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