Ribbons Almark

Ribbons Almark


In the series, especially during Season 2,

Leader of Innovators

However, beneath his innocent demeanor is a cunning megalomaniac. Ribbons chose to work with Alejandro after knowing he could use the latter’s desire to take over the world to accomplish his own plans. After Alejandro had died, Ribbons continued to manipulate, using Alejandro’s legacy and Veda to guide the world according to his vision. It was a role he believed he deserved alone; the destiny to rule mankind as their Messiah.

Ribbons displayed a superiority complex. He values his own qualities above that of others, especially humans. Ribbons described humanity as “foolish”, an inferior species that are limited by their own values. Ribbons also described himself superior to other Innovades. He never thought of them as important, especially in Aeolia Schenberg’s Plan, when compared to himself. Viewing other people as mere tools and expendables, Ribbons does his way to manipulate them for his own purposes; after which, he leads them to their own demise, befitting his own entertainment.

Overall, Ribbons displayed an extreme case of egotism; his confidence of himself is at the point of arrogance. Ribbons’ hubris eventually lead to his downfall during the Battle of Lagrange 2. His underestimation of Regene Regetta and Tieria Erde eventually lead to latter’s capture of Veda from Ribbons’ grasp. Ribbons also badly underestimated Setsuna F. Seiei’s abilities as the first genuine Innovator. He was eventually defeated in his last battle against Setsuna on the Innovator’s colony ship, Celestial Being. Even in defeat, he never showed any interest in understanding humanity, even for the sake of Aeolia’s Plan.

Ribbons is the very first Innovade to be produced under Celestial Being. The exact era when he was awakened is still in speculations however, though it’s possible Ribbons was awaken before the solar wars. Because there’s little information to confirm his activities and affiliations at the time, it’s only presumed that he spent his early days in Celestial Being as a Gundam Meister within the Lagrange 3 colony, Krung Thep. The only thing known during his early days is that sometime before A.D. 2301, Ribbons was a Gundam Meister.

During his days as a Gundam Meister, Ribbons learned many of the contradictions within the human nature. He eventually started to detest serving humanity for the sake of Aeolia Schenberg’s Plan (leading humans to become true Innovators and prepare for the upcoming dialogues). Adding insult to injury, he learned that Gundam Meisters, like himself, are meant to perish during the effect of the Plan. He gradually lost his motivation to be Gundam Meister and hated his raison d’etre.


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Height:175 cm
Weight:49 kg


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